The Challenge:

The problem is that Cuban youth are trapped in a feud between two cultures. With no skate shops in Cuba, it's nearly impossible to acquire skateboards and other supplies needed to keep skating alive. Breaking one’s skateboard deck often means going months without a replacement. When this happens they call it the “dark months.” Cuba’s skate scene was born in the 1980s when Russian soldiers left their skateboards with a couple of scrappy street kids who never gave up on their dreams and have kept things rolling for 30+ years. One of these two original skaters is still on board and he is involved in this project.

Our Model:

A big part of what Amigo Skate does is collect unwanted or broken skateboard equipment, refurbish, rebuild, and then recycle it back to skaters in need.  Besides supplying new and used decks, wheels, hardware, grip and trucks; we have gathered a wide variety of action sports gear, music equipment, and art supplies. After collecting and refurbishing everything we redistribute the goods to kids wherever and whenever we see a need. The main mission is to provide youth with an outlet to express themselves.

What we've done

- Hosted AmiGo Skateboarding Day (1st Annual 2015) and again in 2016

- Hosted Tattoo Expo, Live music and Skateboard Demo at Maxim

- Responsible for Skateboard Collaboration (btwn Madrid Amigo and Racielle Pereda)

- Contributed and participated in the rebuilding of the Havana DIY park

- Smuggled roughly 7 tons of Skateboarding Equipment, Musical Instruments and Art Supplies into Havana in the past 6 years which      we hand delivered to the islands youth

- Hosted live music events in Havana

Launched an art project (Amigo Paint Cuba) led by 3 international artists, Atomiko, Abstrk, and 5stars who painted several murals,       2 of which were at Havana elementary schools in collaboration with the students

- Hosted multiple Downhill longboard slide jams

- Responsible for a series of contests at the Havana DIY park

- Sponsored an art exhibition in Cuba

- Sponsored first full length Cuban Skateboard Video

- Sponsored Havanas first skateboard school

- Collaborated with The Giving Lens on a community Photography Project

- Launched Amigo Skate Haiti in 2015, served the youth at Maison Des Anges orphanage and the youth in Jacmel

- Collaborating with Houndstooth Cottage to record and distribute Cuban Underground Music

- We don't stop and We don't quit.